Escape reality and get lost in Davids fantasy worlds

Meet David Cheung

I strive for confirmation and the joy derived from creating time stopping experiences for people. My inspiration is drawn from the diverse realms of urbanism, sci-fi scenography, fantasy worlds, and the organic wonders of nature.I explore and capture their intricate details, weaving them into a tapestry of fantasy worlds.

My life, much like my art, is shaped by routines and homogenous patterns, finding solace and beauty in the simplicity of everyday existence. This simplicity is reflected in my artwork. 

During a period of burnout and mental breakdown, art became my sanctuary, a healing force that allowed me to recover in the creation of fantasy worlds. These worlds, composed of tiny streets and buildings, became my oasis—a place where I could escape reality and find peace.

Now I strive to create an oasis for art lovers—a haven where they can escape their reality and lose themselves in the enchanting details of my fantasy worlds, discovering new facets with every glance.