About David

His parents relocated from Hong Kong to Denmark, settling in the city of Slagelse. Later, they moved to Malmö, Sweden. Throughout his childhood, expressing himself verbally proved challenging. In school, this struggle led to bullying and frustration, which extended to his family, who often misunderstood his intentions.

Art became his refuge—a means to convey emotions that words couldn't capture. As he grew older, he pursued education in video game concept art, dreaming of securing a coveted position in a renowned company. Despite landing a role in a prestigious UK-based video game company after numerous internships, his joy was short-lived. Unexpectedly laid off three months into his dream job, he returned home bewildered, experiencing burnout and a mental breakdown.

This crisis unveiled an unexpected truth—he had Asperger's, complicating his understanding of social codes. Initially relieved to have an explanation, he grappled with this newfound reality. Fortunately, his family and local municipality provided vital support during this challenging time.

Rediscovering the therapeutic power of art became crucial. Immersed in creating detailed artwork, he found calmness and escape from reality. This journey played a crucial role in his recovery from burnout.

Recognizing the stress many face, he transitioned to creating art as a personal outlet and a gift to others seeking an escape. With his brother William managing the business, he focuses on creating art, sharing his fantasy worlds with those seeking calmness beyond reality.

Why he creates art

I strive for confirmation and the joy derived from creating time stopping experiences for people. My inspiration is drawn from the diverse realms of urbanism, sci-fi scenography, and the organic wonders of nature. I explore and capture their intricate details, weaving them into a tapestry of fantasy worlds.

My life, much like my art, is shaped by routines and homogenous patterns, finding solace and beauty in the simplicity of everyday existence. This simplicity is reflected in my artwork. 

During a period of burnout and mental breakdown, art became my sanctuary, a healing force that allowed me to recover in the creation of fantasy worlds. These worlds, composed of tiny streets and buildings, became my oasis—a place where I could escape reality and find peace.

Now I strive to create an oasis for art lovers—a haven where they can escape their reality and lose themselves in the enchanting details of my fantasy worlds, discovering new facets with every glance.

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