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"Escape reality and get lost in the detailed fantasy world of David's semi-abstract cityscape art. "

Create an oasis where time stands still with hand drawn art by David Cheung

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    Transform your space with Davids latest artwork 'Thinking Head' or explore other stunning new art pieces.

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    Experience the magic of Davids artwork with his captivating cityscapes. Transform your home into a gallery of imagination and wonder.

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    Discover carefully selected artwork set against a striking black background. Designed for the daring art enthusiast who seeks to make a bold statement.

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    Elevate your designer home with these classic pieces, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your living space.

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Meet the artist

David was in 2015 diagnosed with Asperger's, he finds comfort and inspiration in routines, homogenous patterns, and the obsessive admiration of details in the surrounding environment. This unique perspective is beautifully reflected in David's art, where fantasy and reality converge to create mesmerizing landscapes of tiny buildings and intricate streets. He invites you to pause, step away from the stress of daily life, and immerse yourself in his world where time stands still. David's art offers a sanctuary for those seeking an escape into the fantastical, providing a moment of respite from the ordinary. William, David's older brother, initiated this business venture to support him in promoting his art. Recognizing David's current struggle with burnout, which limits his involvement to only creating art, William has taken on the responsibility of managing the business. He remains optimistic that David will eventually regain the capacity to fully participate and run the business himself. Click to read more about why he creates art and where he get his inspiration from.

  • To visit Malmö Konsthall is to immerse yourself in art. The open architecture reflects the city’s view that art should be accessible to everyone. Welcome to one of Northern Europe’s largest and most beautiful exhibition spaces. Local artwork from David can be purchased in the boutique while checking out other artists.

  • Tens of thousands of visitors come to Sofiero park in Helsingborg every year to enjoy the park and our royal heritage. Shop some of Davids art prints in the boutique while visiting this beautiful park!

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  • David's beautiful custom patterns featuring classic Gotland motifs on our beeswax wraps were a huge success! William handled the practical aspects really nicely, and it's definitely our most cost-effective collaboration.

    - Sebastian Rückertz, CEO Gotland Originals

    Visit to buy beeswax wrap 
  • We are extremely satisfied both with our print of Apoteket Lejonet made by David, and with the service from William.

    - Thea Palmqvist, Lawyer & Partner

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